Coney Bow performing Bittersweet Shimmer
Coney Bow biography

Based in the South of France, Coney Bow is an international cabaret and burlesque performer, teacher and choreographer with a passion for dance history and an addiction to chair dance. A perfectionist always ready to explore new territories, she plays with concepts and cultural references to create retro themed acts, playful portraits of graceful spirited women.

Coney received the people's choice award at the Golden Garters 2015, won the title of Supreme Grand Tease at Grand Tease New Zealand 2016 and was crowned Master of Masters at Burlypicks France 2020. A teaching enthusiast she has taught her workshops in New Zealand, Europe and Canada, was a presenter at Burlycon 2019 and 2020 and was nominated “Favorite Mentor” at the Golden Garter Awards 2017.

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Please note that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all in situ events (classes, workshops, show productions etc.) are currently on hold until 7 September.

We are currently developping a Patreon page, stay tuned for more info on this front.

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Discover The Boardwalk Factory
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Boardwalk Factory is the France based non profit directed by Coney Bow dedicated to develop and promote burlesque and retro styles through classes and special themed events.

Visit the website for more... (website in French)

Boardwalk Factory