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Welcome to the educational space run by artistic director Coney Bow. Boardwalk Factory is not attached to any school and offers classes and workshops on a freelance basis in Burlesque, Retro Styles, Chair Dance and Mind/Body.
Below is a selection of the most popular classes and workshops as well as Coney Bow’s teaching bio

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workshop this is not a chair
workshop this is not a chair

This workshop explores how performing with a chair can be more than just having a resting tool on stage. Coney Bow will cover the specifics of chair dancing (balance, transitions, etc.) as well as guide you through the different use of a chair in a choreography. Throughout a series of exercises and short routines, you will learn basic moves that can be used in a burlesque choreography and how to make them look elegant, sexy and effortless. Be ready to use your abs and maybe hang upside down. Come with an open mind and you will discover that chair dancing is all about perception.

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intro to burlesque workshop
intro to burlesque workshop

Ever wondered what Burlesque is? Ever wanted to try it but didn’t know where to start? This workshop has been created to introduce you to this exciting world and find your own place in it. Built as a two part class, it will guide you through a short historical overview, its evolution, the different styles out there, etc. before getting into the practical side. You will learn and play with basic moves and deportment, and experiment with a short combo in a safe environment.

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workshop warm up 101
workshop warm up 101

As a physical performer, your body is your most important tool. So why not spend a bit of time learning how to get it ready for action and make the most of what it has to offer? Whether you’re about to spend 5 amazing minutes on stage, run through a 1 hour grueling rehearsal or embark on a regular training program, this “Warm Up 101” workshop will teach you the dos and don’ts of warming up, how to target your exercises according to your activity and how to execute them in a safe and efficient way.

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workshop 60s go-go
class fosse jazz
workshop this is not a chair
workshop this is not a chair

When she is not performing Coney is an accomplished dance and fitness instructor. She has trained in body alignment in New York, studied a Masters in dance in Paris and has completed a physical teacher diploma and a Pilates instructor certification in the south of France.

Coney has been teaching cabaret and retro styles since 2006 and has been offering mentoring programs for the past 5 years. She has run her workshops and classes in New Zealand, Canada, Croatia and France, she was a guest instructor at Lille University in 2019, and was nominated “Favorite Mentor in New Zealand” at the Golden Garters 2017. Coney will be part of the BurlyCon 2019 teaching panel next november with her “Warm up 101” and “This is not a chair” workshops.

Coney thrives on knowledge sharing and community development. Upon moving back to France in 2017 she created Boardwalk Factory, a non profit company dedicated to develop and promote burlesque and retro styles through classes and special themed events.

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Coney Bow
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Coney Bow is the artistc director of the Boardwalk Factory. International performer and teacher with a passion for classic dance forms and an addiction to chair dance, she brings her "graceful retro with a playful twist" style to the company.

Visit Coney Bow's website to learn more about our director.