International Festivals

2020 | Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival (Online event)
2020 | Strasbourg Burlesque Festival (France)
2019 | Cabaret & Burlesque Festival Torino (Italy)
2019 | Taormina Burlesque Festival (Sicily, Italy)
2019 | Lyon Retro Tease Festival (France)
2019 | Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival (Rijeka, Croatia)
2018 | Bohemian Burlesque Festival (Brno, Czech Republic)
2018 | Swiss Burlesque Festival (Basel, Switzerland)
2018 | Taormina Burlesque Festival (Sicily, Italy)
2018 | Como Lake Burlesque Festival (Italy)
2018 | Geneva Burlesque Festival (Switzerland)
2017 | Bohemian Burlesque Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)
2017 | Stockholm Burlesque Festival (Sweden)
2017 | Como Lake Burlesque Festival (Italy)
2017 | Edmonton Burlesque Festival (Canada)
2016 | Big Burlesque Blowout (Christchurch, NZ)
2016 | Montreal Burlesque Festival (Canada)
2016 | Minneapolis Burlesque Festival (USA)
2016 | Hawaii Burlesque Festival (Honolulu, USA)
2016 | Australian Burlesque Festival (Melbourne, AU)
2015 | New Zealand Burlesque Festival (Palmerston North, NZ)
2015 | New York Burlesque Festival (USA)
2015 | New Orleans Burlesque Festival (USA)
2015 | Ottawa Burlesque Festival (Canada)
2015 | Australian Burlesque Festival (Sydney & Newcastle, AU)
2014 | New Zealand Burlesque Festival (Palmerston North, NZ)
2014 | Ottawa Burlesque Festival (Canada)
2014 | Australian Burlesque Festival (Canbera, AU)


▼ Interviews

▼ Reviews

Grand Tease Hamilton Heat 2015 - Mumpty Style

"In my head, I dance like Coney Bow. Sadly, that is far from reality, but if dreams were real, then that's how Mumpty would roll – or dance, actually. Huge shout-out to this gorgeous woman; first time I've seen her perform IRL and sign me up for more is all I can say! She really is, quite simply, superb! And for that reason, I was thrilled to bits when she received the wildcard vote and will be dancing her little sox off once again at the finale of The Grand Tease in Christchurch. Coney took out the "Dazzling Dancer" award, and my god – she so is!"

Ottawa Burlesque Festival 2014 - A Life In Glitter

"Coney Bow's jazz piece was smooth as butter. Without leaving her chair, she managed to perform one of the sexiest dances of the evening. It struck me as ballet in situ – absolutely beautiful."

▼ Mentions

'Week 2 - Burlesquercise'
Good Health, October 2016, New Zealand
'Lose weight, keep fit, shake your booty'
New Zealand Herald, January 2016, New Zealand
'Le Festival Burlesque d'Ottawa: Sexy dans toutes ses formes'
La Rotonde, October 2015, Canada (article in French)
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