Coney Bow retro cabaret repertoire
All around dance nerd with over 30 years of stage experience and a passion for dance history, Coney Bow has been creating retro cabaret acts for the past 12 years.
Below is the list of Coney Bow's Retro Cabaret acts (videos available upon request).

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Coney Bow speakeasy showgirl 20s gatsby
Photo credits: Peter Jennings
Coney Bow speakeasy showgirl 20s gatsby

A 1920s style showgirl performance that can be danced on any charleston music and for a duration up to 5 minutes.


. Music: Classic charleston tracks such as "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Tiger Rag", "Satanic Blues", etc.

. Duration: 2 to 5 minutes

. Style/Themes: Retro Cabaret | Classic | Charleston | 1920s | Great Gatsby


3 types of costume are available

. Costume 1: Black & rose gold with feathers

. Costume 1: Pink, nude & gold with lace

. Costume 3: Nude, off white & copper with fringing and tassels


. Festivals: Very Vintage Day Out (2013 to 2016) | Napier Deco (2016 & 2017) | Glory Days Prohibition (2017) | Montpellier Vintage (2017)

Coney Bow bob fosse tribute
Photo credits: Paradox Photography
Coney Bow bob fosse tribute

A cabaret solo inspired by Bob Fosse's style. From it's technically packed jazz numbers, to his unmistakable style that changed the face of Broadway


. Music: "Roxie's Suite"and "Hot Honey Rag" from "Chicago" original soundtrack

. Duration: 4'12

. Style/Themes: Retro Cabaret | Jazz | Musicals | Fosse


. Colors: Black

. Credits: Wait Coat by Clementine Creates | Pasties by Azure D'Murre

Coney Bow 60s Go-go
Photo credits: Paradox Photography
Coney Bow 60s Go-go

Back to the 60s with some classic Go-go moves.

3 song & costume options are available for this number.


. Music 1: "Twist And Grind" by Los Straitjackets | Duration: 2'13

. Music 2: "The Nitty Gritty" by Shirley Ellis | Duration: 2'17

. Music 3: "Do You Love Me" by The Contours | Duration: 2'52

NB: Upon request, the music tracks can be combined for a longer number

. Style/Themes: Retro Cabaret | 60s | Go-go


. Option 1: Pink & yellow fringe bikini | . Credits: Clementine Creates

. Option 2: Nude cequin dress

. Option 3: Purple and gold playsuit | . Credits: Clementine Creates

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