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All around dance nerd with over 30 years of stage experience, Coney Bow has been creating burlesque and retro cabaret acts for the past 12 years. Fueled with a passion for dance history, a perfectionist always ready to explore new territories, she plays with concepts and cultural references to create retro themed postcards, playful portraits of graceful spirited women.
Below is a selection of Coney Bow's most popular acts (videos available upon request).

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Coney Bow chair dance with shirt
Photo credits: Shoikan's Photography
Coney Bow chair dance with shirt

An intimate and acrobatic chair act.

Coney Bow plays around with 2 classic cabaret staples: a white shirt and a chair.


. Music: "U Complete Me (Blues Version)" by Ana Popovic

. Duration: 5'23 (4'58 version available upon request)

. Style/Themes: Burlesque | Neo-classic | Chair Dance


. Colors: Black and white

. Credits: Lingerie by Clementine Creates | Pasties by Azure d'Murre


. Festivals: Croatian (2019) | Lyon Retro Tease (2019)

. Awards: Nominated "favourite strip tease routine" at the Golder Garter Awards 2017 | "Best Act" at the Rock n' Roll Circus Awards 2017

Coney Bow promogirl 60s go-go
Photo credits: Picaresque Photography
Coney Bow chair dance with shirt

In this tongue in cheek upbeat act Coney Bow explores and comments on the use of women as promotional tools in the 60s: Sandwich Board Ladies, Mod Girls in the magazines, Go-go dancers...


. Music: "Annick" and "Brats" from "Metroland" Original soundtrack

. Duration: 5'34 (4'54 version available upon request)

. Style/Themes: Burlesque | Neo-classic | 60s | Go-go | Promo Girl


. Colors: Bright pink & yellow

. Credits: Mod dress & Go-go bikini by Clementine Creates | G-string & Pasties by Flo Foxworthy


. Festivals: New Zealand (2015) | Australia (2016) | Hawaii (2016) | Edmonton (2017) | Como Lake (2017) | Bohemian (2017) | Lyon Retro Tease (2019) | Taormina (2019) | Torino (2019)

. Awards: Duchess of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival (2015) | Best Neo at Grand Tease Hamilton Heat (2016) | Supreme Grand Tease New Zealand (2016) | Master of Masters at Burlypicks France 2020

Coney Bow green chair dance
Photo credits: Pat Friessner
Coney Bow chair green chair dance

Coney Bow's Signature act. A chair solo, tribute to Cyd Charisse and musicals from the golden era.

This act comes in 2 versions. The original version based solely around the chair dance. A longer version with an introduction to the character walking through the audience.


. Music: "Broadway Melody Ballet" from "Singing in the rain" original soundtrack - Lennie Hayton

. Duration: Original version - 2'58 | New version - 4'30

. Style/Themes: Burlesque | Classic | Chair Dance | 1920s | Musicals | Hollywood | Movies


. Colors: Green & silver

. Credits: Coat by Clementine Creates | Underbust by Greta Garment | Pasties by Azure D'Murre


. Festivals: Australia (2014) | Ottawa (2014) | New Zealand (2014) | New Orleans (2015) | New York (2015) | Napier Winter Deco (2016) | Minneapolis (2016) | Montreal (2016) | Como Lake (2017) | Stockholm (2017) | Geneva (2018) | Taormina (2018) | Swiss (2018) | Bohemian (2018) | Strasbourg (2020)

. Awards: Duchess of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival (2014)

Coney Bow las vegas showgirl
Photo credits: Paradox Photography
Coney Bow las vegas showgirl

A classic number inspired by 1960s Las Vegas showgirls.

The act starts with traditional revue moves and progresses into improvised bump & grind.


. Music: "Blues in the Night" - written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer - performed by Quincy Jones

. Duration: 3'56

. Style/Themes: Burlesque | Classic | Vegas Showgirl | Bump and grind


. Colors: Orange, white & nude

. Credits: Sandrina bra, pasties and G-string by flo Foxworthy


. Festivals: Very Vintage Day Out (2014) | Australia (2015) | Napier Deco (2017) | Como Lake (2018)

. Awards: Supreme Grand Tease New Zealand (2016)

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